Be om. was founded by Omer Mashiah, a B.Des graduate from Shenkar college of Design, Israel. In his work, Omer deals with various aspects of the design world: from interior and environmental design, visual communication to functioning objects. The visual and experiential look is being translated at be om. into creating unique pieces of jewelry for the unique individual that will wear it.


Originally coming from the architectural world, the influence of that sphere can be seen in the studio’s jewelry. Focusing mainly on simple lines, clean forms and the pure essence of the material, each piece of jewelry captures a visual balance: one that puts appearance and comfort at the front, but also the essence of peacefulness and ease.


The Studio’s unique name holds several meanings; a combination of the words “Be”, which derives from “being” and “to be”, with that of “Om” results with the true essence of the studio that ties together the spiritual with the contemporary. In Indic religions, “Om” stands as a sacred sound and an important symbol. It is the first piece created by the ultimate reality – the sum of the universe. Some believe that when the world was created, an OM sound accompanied it.  That is why some people interpret the word om as “I am.”

Another translation of the word “Om” is present – being in the moment. To us, the name of the studio means “being present”, an always relevant method of both thinking and living which we support.

Lastly, and not fully intentionally, “Om” also stands for the initials of the Studio founder’s name – Omer Mashiah. A sweet coincidence, indeed.