The noble silver color of 925 sterling silver stays shiny and glamorous for many years, but with time, natural processes cause oxidization and tarnishing. The next few tips will help you to keep your silver’s glow.

Clean your silver jewelry with a cleaning cloth – using these cloths to clean silver once a week or so will keep sterling silver jewelry shining brightly. It should remove all dark stains and oxidization, however, if the piece of jewelry has an intentional dark definitions – using this cloth may remove it as well, use the cleaning cloth carefully.
Store the jewelry in a box, close drawer or in a zip lock plastic bag, it will prevent the tarnishing and getting them scratched. Taking a shower with your silver jewelry is allowed and even recommended. Water and soap will help keeping the silver clean.

When doing cleaning chores and using cleaning products (for example doing the dishes), it is advised to remove all pieces of jewelry. Chemicals in the cleaning products may harm the jewelry and will cause tarnishing.

Going into the sea or pools with jewelry isn’t recommended, since chlorine and salty water can damage the silver.

Avoid any contact of silver with perfume, or lotions.
During the summer silver jewelry will tarnish quicker than usual, caused by the oxidization in our sweat and the humidity in the air.

It’s better to keep gold jewelry separately from your silver jewelry. The reaction between the two materials can damage gold over time.

If you do not get along with the actions mentioned here, you are always welcome to bring your jewelry to us to shine at the cost of 40 NIS per item.